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Here you will find answers to questions you might have about CopyRobin. If you cannot find your question, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Why the name CopyRobin?

    The European Robin is a caring and steadfast little bird that sings all year round. It is very exuberant in spring. More timid in autumn. The same goes for your written content. You should care for it and maintain it regularly. Sometimes it will be more exuberant, other times more timid. CopyRobin takes care of your text content in a steadfast way and will make sure it always strikes the right chord.

  • Which problem can CopyRobin solve for me?

    Do you struggle to maintain the contents of your website? Are you too busy with your daily business to also write great content? Would you like to blog, but other business just keeps getting in the way? You are not the only one. We know from years of experience that creating original text content is difficult for many organisations.

    On top of that, Google increasingly favours websites with plenty of text. Especially high-quality texts which are updated regularly. That is why blogging is an excellent SEO tactic.

    CopyRobin solves all of these problems. We make sure that you have access to professional copywriters at relatively low costs. This is how CopyRobin makes modern content marketing attainable and affordable for every organisation. Including yours!

  • How can CopyRobin help me?

    CopyRobin provides unique, professional text content for your website, blog, newsletter, or any other publication. Thanks to our platform, you keep everything under your control: 'copywriting as a service'.

  • What about the fine print?

    We keep things as simple as possible. No need to sign a contract. There is no registration fee or exit fee. We do operate according to general conditions of distance selling to companies. Very simple and transparent.

  • Do you also provide services to individuals?

    No. CopyRobin only provides services to companies. When you register, we ask for your company name, official registration number (e.g. KvK, Companies House, CFE), and VAT number. All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT, the general VAT rate for services in the Netherlands, our country of operation.

  • Who are the web editors and copywriters?

    We work on a freelance basis with professional web editors and copywriters, all carefully screened and selected. We always aim for a long-term collaboration.

    We will link your account to a writer who is the best fit for your organisation. Preferably someone with prior knowledge of your industry. By creating that long-term connection, the writer will get to know your organisation better over time.

    When your usual copywriter is not available, we will look for a temporary replacement. Of course, you can always let us know if your assigned writer is not to your liking. In that case, we will simply link your account to someone new.

  • Once I register, how quickly can I submit my first assignment?

    Once you have activated your account, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing a link to a questionnaire, so that we can get to know you better.

    Enter the requested information and you can immediately post your assignments. Payments are made through direct debit.

  • Before I register, I have a few more questions…

    No problem! Get in touch and we will answer all your questions as quickly and accurately as possible.


  • How many credits are included in a package?

    We offer 6 packages:

    • One-off: no subscription. You buy your credits separately.
    • Starter: 10 credits per month included.
    • Business: 20 credits per month included.
    • Corporate: 40 credits per month included.
    • Enterprise: 60 credits per month included.
    • Agency: 100 credits per month included.

    You can cancel each package every month. Click here for subscription details.

  • How long will my credits remain valid?

    The credits included in your subscription will be valid for as long as you are subscribed, up to 12 months. However, if you need more time to use your credits but don't want them to replenish every month automatically, we offer a 'Snoozer' subscription option for € 12.50 per month. Under this option, unused credits will be carried forward to the next month. If your credits are about to expire, you can request an extension of one month.

  • I do not want a subscription at the moment. Do you accept separate assignments?

    Want to place a single order without a subscription? You can!

    Go to 'Single assignment' and create a free account, or - if you already have a CopyRobin account - log in to your account.

    Here you can create a single order (or several!). It is also possible to save orders as drafts.

    You can then buy the necessary credits. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per credit:

    • 1 to 9 credits: € 36.50
    • 10 to 19 credits: € 28.50
    • 20 to 39 credits: € 23.75
    • 40 to 59 credits: € 21.00
    • 60 to 99 credits: € 18.50
    • 100 or more credits: € 17.50

    To pay for your credits, we need the following information from you:

    • Chamber of Commerce number;
    • VAT number;
    • IBAN number;
    • Permission for direct debit.

    You will receive an invoice and after 14 days we will debit the amount from your account.

    After ordering your credits, you can immediately place your order(s) and our copywriter will get to work for you!

    Once your text is ready, we will upload it to Google Drive and share it with you. You will then receive a notification from us by email with a link to your text.

    In the shared Google Doc you can request adjustments by adding comments to the document. To let us know you would like adjustments, please send an email to and mention that you drafted some feedback in the text. Please also include the six-letter order code you will receive. Our editors will then share your feedback with the writer.

    We may contact you if we have questions about your order.

    A couple more tips:

    1) Complete our intake questionnaire.
    To be able to help you optimally, we would like to get to know you a little better first. You will find a link to the questionnaire in your first onboarding email.

    2) Read our guide to writing a perfect briefing.
    In this manual you will find all kinds of useful tips about optimally briefing a copywriter.

  • What is the duration of a subscription?

    The minimum duration of a subscription is 1 month. After the first month, you can end your subscription at any time. You can make that change yourself in your CopyRobin dashboard.

  • How much does it cost to have a piece of content written?

    The cost of a text depends on three variables:

    • the length of the text in increments of 400 words;
    • the level of difficulty of the text: standard, creative, or expert;
    • the price you pay per credit. This depends on the type of subscription you choose.

    The price per credit within each subscription is:

    • Starter: € 28,50 (10 credits per month)
    • Business: € 23,75 (20 credits per month)
    • Corporate: € 21,00 (40 credits per month)
    • Enterprise: € 18,50 (60 credits per month)
    • Agency: € 17,50 (100 credits per month)
    • One-off: depends on the amount of credits

    For example: a text of maximum 400 words at a standard level of difficulty will cost € 35,00 within an Agency subscription.

    You can always purchase additional credits at the credit price within the subscription you have chosen.

    Download our rate cards:

AI copywriting

  • Are there more AI innovations planned at CopyRobin?

    Yes, CopyRobin is working on AI-generated content strategies and scheduling, matching clients with writers, simplifying the process of placing orders, and assisting editors with proofreading.

  • How can I get more information about CopyRobin's AI-assisted copywriting service?

    Contact Eric van Hall at 0717504060 or for more information about the new service.

  • How does it work with my privacy and copyrights?

    CopyRobin uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique and engaging texts.

    The AI we use comes from a company called OpenAI. But don't worry; your data is safe with us, just as with OpenAI.

    So, what happens to your data? Well, it's quite simple. The AI looks at the information you give us but doesn't remember or learn from it. It's like telling a story to a robot, but the robot forgets it as soon as you finish speaking.

    In other words, you always remain in control of your data. The information you give us and the texts the AI creates remain yours.

    OpenAI has strict security measures. They have a special certification (SOC 2), and they encrypt your data to keep it extra safe.

    So, if you use our AI-supported copywriting services, you can be sure that your data is safe and that you retain control.

  • Is there resistance from writers towards this new approach?

    After the internal presentation, a heated discussion ensued in a Facebook group for copywriters. Some writers expressed their fear of being demoted to 'prompt engineers', while others showed understanding for the new approach. A few writers decided to stop collaborating.

    On the other hand, there were also many writers who were eager to work with the use of AI. Many participants attended the webinars organised by CopyRobin and the enthusiasm was high.

  • Is this service suitable for every industry?

    Yes, the AI-supported copywriting service is suitable for any industry and offers added value for marketers and busy entrepreneurs in need of high-quality content.

  • What are the benefits of using AI in the copywriting process?

    The benefits of using AI in the copywriting process are:

    Customers receive higher quality content at a fair price and spend less time on briefing.
    Writers can create more texts in less time and earn more per hour.

    CopyRobin can take on more and larger assignments and deliver higher quality output.

  • What are the costs for customers with the different options?

    The costs vary depending on the extent of AI usage and the length of the text. For example, an AI-powered text of 400 words is available from just €35.00.

  • What are the three options for CopyRobin customers?

    AI-powered: Based on the briefing, Chirp already generates the text as a concept. If applicable, your text is already optimised for SEO, including an eye-catching meta-title and meta-description. The copywriter then fact-checks and humanises the text.

    AI-assisted: Works the same as AI-powered, but the copywriter gets extra time to let their creative juices flow, carry out more in-depth research, and even conduct short interviews. This results in a text that not only meets your requirements, but also has the wow-factor to captivate your audience.

    100% human: As the name suggests, the writer doesn't use AI in this case. Our experienced copywriters work their magic and write the text entirely manually. They delve into sources, conduct longer interviews, and rely on their own expertise to create a text full of originality and craftsmanship. Copywriting at its purest form.

  • What is CopyRobin's new AI-supported copywriting service?

    Since 1st June 2023, CopyRobin has been offering an AI-supported copywriting service. They introduced two new services: AI-powered and AI-assisted copywriting, alongside the traditional 100% human copywriting.


  • Which topics can you write about?

    As professional copywriters, we can basically write about anything, as long as you provide us with the right information. You have the professional knowledge. We have the writing skills. Together we will make it work.

    We work with copywriters who all have their own specialism. Some know a lot about marketing. Others about fashion or great food. Chances are we have a copywriter in our network with knowledge about your industry.

    In any case, be as specific as possible when submitting an assignment. Fill out as many details as you can in the order form and add sources and examples to illustrate. If your copywriter still has questions, they might contact you by phone or a video call for more details.

  • Do you also write SEO texts?

    Our writers are all trained in writing SEO-friendly content. They know how to assimilate your keywords in the text for it to be optimised for search, without spamming search engines or compromising readability.

    To help them optimise, they use a practical tool: Textmetrics. So, if you want to be sure that your website content is optimised for SEO, CopyRobin is your partner.

  • Are the texts you provide flawless?

    Our in-house senior editors review every piece of content before we deliver it to you. The odds of you encountering any additional errors are very slim.

  • Can you also help set up a content strategy and/or content plan?

    We sure can! You can book a session with a content strategy manager to develop your content strategy and map out a content plan. Please contact us for a custom quote.

  • How can I contact the writer?

    Contact with the writer will mostly take place within the dashboard and via email, but if you prefer to call, that’s also possible.

  • What is the best way to brief my copywriter?

    Great text content cannot exist without a solid briefing. It’s as simple as that. That’s why we take a detailed briefing very seriously at CopyRobin.

    The first time you register, we ask you to fill out an extended questionnaire. This is a one-time thing that provides us with general information about your organisation. After that, you will simply fill out an order form per assignment.

    Furthermore, you can also enlist the help of our AI assistant 'Chirp'. It will scour the web for additional information to supplement your briefing.

    Recomended reading: Briefing a copywriter? Create the best brief for a copywriter.

  • How long does it take to complete my assignment?

    It depends on the number of words and the level of difficulty you choose. You can roughly count on the number of credits, converted into working days.

    For example, a text of a maximum of 400 words at standard difficulty will be delivered after 2 working days, while a text of up to 3600 words at expert level will take approximately 30 days. Of course, we will take your desired delivery date into consideration as much as possible.

  • How about the security of confidential information?

    Our forms are secured by encryption. So, all information you send us is protected. Furthermore, we work with copywriters who have all been pre-screened and have signed a confidentiality agreement. It goes without saying that we guarantee strict confidentiality to all of our clients.

  • Can I request unlimited adjustments and corrections?

    Yes, per assignment you are entitled to an unlimited number of correction rounds. Within reason, of course. If we believe a client is exceeding reasonable edit requests, we will open up a discussion with the client. Adjustments and corrections are done during office hours and are generally a matter of minutes or hours rather than days.

  • Can I submit multiple assignments (with different priorities) in one go?

    You can submit multiple assignments in your dashboard. The order of submission determines the priority. Should you make a mistake, simply send an email to and our team will adjust the order of priority manually.

  • Do you also provide images?

    Absolutely! If desired, we provide AI-generated images. Our prompt engineers can create suitable images for your text using generative AI (Midjourney to be precise).

  • Will you enter the text content in our CMS?

    Usually we deliver your texts in a Google document. For larger projects, we will gladly make alternate arrangements.

  • Do you also write entire websites?

    Definitely. However, that service cannot always be covered within a subscription. If you’re in need of copy for a full website, we will create a standalone project. Please contact us to learn more. We are happy to send you a custom budget proposal.

    Do you want to build an entire new website? Do not hesitate to contact our partners at Loyals. They can certainly help you out.

  • Do you transfer copyrights to the client?

    Yes, we operate as ghostwriters. Copyrights are given to you, the client. You are free to do whatever you want with the text content, including publishing it under your own name.

  • Which languages can I order?

    At the moment, you can order texts in English (UK and US), Dutch (NL and BE), German, French, Spanish, and Italian. If you need texts in another language, please contact us. We may be able to help.


  • How does this 'credits' system work?

    The number of credits you need for any given assignment, depends on two variables: length and the level of usage of AI.

    You choose the length of the text in increments of 400 words (approximately one A4 page).

    You choose the usage of AI based on the scope of the work and/or the level of expertise you expect from the copywriter:

    AI-powered: Based on your briefing, Chirp generates a draft text. If applicable, the text is already optimised for SEO, including an engaging meta-title and meta-description. The copywriter then fact-checks and humanises the text.

    AI-assisted: Works similarly to AI-powered but provides the copywriter extra time to get their creative juices flowing, conduct a more profound research, and even conduct short interviews. This results in a text that meets your requirements and has that wow factor to convince your target audience.

    100% human: As the name suggests, the writer does not use AI in this option. Our experienced copywriters employ their expertise and craft a completely original text. They delve into various sources, hold more extended interviews, and rely on their knowledge to produce a piece full of creativity and skill – copywriting in its purest form.

    The table below shows how many credits are required per assignment, based on these variables:




    100% human

    400 2 4 6
    800 3 6 9
    1200 4 8 12
    1600 5 10 15
    2000 6 12 18
    2400 7 14 21
    2800 8 16 24
    3200 9 18 27
    3600 10 20 30


  • How long will my credits remain valid?

    The credits included in your subscription will be valid for as long as you are subscribed, up to 12 months. However, if you need more time to use your credits but don't want them to replenish every month automatically, we offer a 'Snoozer' subscription option for € 12.50 per month. Under this option, unused credits will be carried forward to the next month. If your credits are about to expire, you can request an extension of one month.

  • Do I receive an invoice? And how do I pay?

    Once you activate your subscription by filling out your IBAN number and authorising us for direct debit, we will send you the first monthly invoice. When you register, you authorise us to periodically debit the balance owing directly from your bank account, which we will do 14 days after each invoice date.

  • How much does it cost to have a text written?

    The cost of each text depends on three variables:

    • The length of the text in increments of 400 words.
    • The level AI to be used: AI-powered, AI-assisted, or 100% human.
    • The price you pay per credit. This depends on the kind of subscription you choose.

    The price per credit per subscription is:

    • Starter: € 28.50 (10 credits per month)
    • Business: € 23.75 (20 credits per month)
    • Corporate: € 21.50 (40 credits per month)
    • Enterprise: € 18.500 (60 credits per month)
    • Agency: € 17.50 (100 credits per month)
    • One off: depending on the amount of credits needed.


    For example: a text of maximum 400 words AI-powered will cost € 35.00 within an Agency subscription.

    You can always purchase additional credits at the credit price within the subscription you have chosen.

    Download our rate cards:


  • I am a freelancer! How do I register?

    Are you a freelance copywriter and would you like to work with us?  Awesome! Then check out this page.

  • Do I have to be officially registered as a freelancer?

    Ideally, yes. We work exclusively with professional freelance copywriters. That is why we ask for your official registration number (depending on your country: KvK, Companies House, CFE, etc.), and VAT number when you join our network. If you are an excellent writer living in the Netherlands and you want to join our team, but you do not yet have an official registration or VAT identification number, please consider registering at (if you live in the Netherlands). 

    If you're not from the Netherlands, please send an e-mail to so we can discuss other possibilities. 

  • How do I contact the client?

    Contact with the client will mostly take place within the dashboard and via email. For assignments that are AI-assisted or 100% human, however, it is often necessary to contact the client by phone.

  • As a freelancer, will I usually work for the same clients?

    Yes, once we’ve found a good fit, we like to link our freelancers to the same clients as often as possible.. Preferably you will have prior knowledge of the client’s industry or line of business.

    We aim for long-term collaboration. By creating that ongoing connection between writer and client, you will get to know your client better over time.

    Whenever you are not available, we will look for another writer to take over temporarily. Should the collaboration with a client not be to your liking, simply let us know and we will link someone new to the account.


  • Am I allowed to contact our writer directly?

    Of course! Direct contact is often essential for a smooth working relationship. We do request that you and the copywriter always cc our editors on every email, which helps them to do their job properly, too.

  • Can more than one colleague use the same account?

    Definitely! In your CopyRobin account, it’s easy to create sub-users who can then each manage their own clients. For example, they will be the only ones to receive an email notification when a new piece of content has been delivered for one of their clients.

    Please note, however, that only the main user can manage the subscription and determine which colleagues can order additional credits.

  • Can we add a PO number or other reference to a project?

    Of course. You can add a PO number or customer name to the 'internal reference' field of each new order. You’ll be able to find those sorted alphabetically in your monthly overview. When purchasing individual credits, you can include that information in the description, which will later appear on your invoice.

  • Can we submit assignments for multiple clients within the same subscription?

    Absolutely! The higher your subscription level, the lower your price per credit and the higher your profit margin. So feel free to use CopyRobin for as many clients as you wish.

  • Can we submit assignments in bulk?

    Do you have a larger order of projects to submit? In that case, there’s no need to compile a separate briefing for each individual assignment. We have a handy short form, specifically created to place larger orders with ease. It allows you to refer to a separate spreadsheet outlining the various assignments, for example.

  • Could we hire a CopyRobin writer to work with our team on an hourly basis?

    That's certainly possible. Any writer dispatched (remotely) to your organization will report their hours to us at a rate of 4 credits per hour. You simply email us a time overview at the end of each month, and our editing team will update your dashboard accordingly.

  • Do you also call our clients on our behalf?

    We are ghostwriters, so your clients won’t even need to know that you collaborate with CopyRobin on their text content. If you would like the copywriters to communicate on behalf of your agency, that’s possible! Simply let us know in your briefing.

  • Do you have a writer who specialises in…?

    Within our database of 551 copywriters, we can generally find a suitable writer for any conceivable subject matter. Bear in mind that certain specialisations, like legal, financial, construction/technical or IT, are in high demand.

    In those cases, we would advise you to notify us in good time when that type of content is due. That can be as simple as emailing our editors. Please also keep in mind that specialities like IT and legal usually call for the Expert level of difficulty.

  • How can I grant my colleagues access to the dashboard?

    If you are the main account user, you can easily create accounts for your colleagues via your own dashboard. You could also (temporarily) transfer your main account privileges to a colleague.

  • How does your financial reporting work for our accounting?

    You will receive an invoice for every month of your subscription and any time you order extra credits. You can also find your invoices and your monthly usage overviews in your CopyRobin dashboard, which are easy to download as PDFs or Excel files.

  • How long does it take to submit an assignment?

    How long it takes to prepare your briefing depends on quite a few factors, but we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

    Use our standard assignment form to easily place a new assignment for a single piece of content.

    Submitting an assignment that is very similar to an earlier project (in terms of length, AI-usage, target group, etc.)? In that case, you can use that previous assignment as a template for the new one, saving time yet again.

    For a larger order of assignments, it can often be too much work to enter them one by one. In that scenario, you would place your large order using our abbreviated form. For example, you could refer to a separate spreadsheet with dozens (or even hundreds) of product texts or pieces of SEO copy.

  • How quickly do you deliver?

    As a rule, we count one working day per credit. The dashboard calculates this deadline automatically. Are you submitting a rush assignment? Please indicate your desired delivery date in the briefing. We always do our best to meet that requested deadline.

  • Will I receive a discount rate for large orders?

    No, we don’t offer any discounts on top of the rates listed on our website. However, to meet you halfway, you do have the option to play around with our subscriptions as if they were a bundle.

    For example, for one large assignment, you could take out a one-time Agency subscription. This would let you benefit from the lowest price per credit. After submitting your assignment, you could simply downgrade your subscription again.

    Good to know: you have the option to pause, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your CopyRobin subscription at any time.

  • Will we get one permanently assigned writer?

    We always aim for one dedicated writer per client, backed up by one or two additional writers to ensure continuity. As long as you and the regular writer are happy with the collaboration, we won't change a thing.