Digital agency Bambuu’s CopyRobin experience: “This collaboration provides us with time savings, unburdening and efficiency”


Bambuu is an award-winning strategic marketing agency for organisations with growth plans. Emerce has named it the best Dutch (digital) marketing agency of 2022. The agency uses CopyRobin for all its texts.

CopyRobin experience

Erik Dijkman, operational manager and partner at Bambuu, talks about his experience with CopyRobin: “We have been working with CopyRobin for over three years now. At first, it was as a partner alongside our regular copywriters, but at a certain point, we decided to select CopyRobin as a permanent content partner and therefore outsource all content to CopyRobin.”

According to Dijkman, this offers Bambuu several advantages. “It saves us time and gives us a high degree of unburdening. For our team, it is clear that there is just one partner for all content: CopyRobin.”

"We now have one partner that has all that knowledge in-house. This results in a lot of time savings and efficiency.”

Bambuu no longer employs its own copywriters or freelancers. “At CopyRobin, several copywriters are available with specific knowledge. That is helpful for us because we don’t have to look for a copywriter ourselves who is, for example, specialised in personal injury, or legal or financial content. We now have one partner that has all that knowledge in-house. This results in a lot of time savings and efficiency.”

Always the same copywriter

Before Bambuu entered into its partnership with CopyRobin, it doubted whether there would be sufficient expertise available. “Can all our customers be served? In particular, our B2B customers are active in all kinds of sectors, so we were curious about CopyRobin’s range of specialists. Would there be enough knowledge of all branches and sectors to provide the right content for all our customers?”

"Would there be enough knowledge of all branches and sectors to provide the right content for all our customers?”

For this reason, Bambuu initially opted for a hybrid form: a fixed number of copywriters who they had selected one-on-one themselves, complemented by writers from CopyRobin. Dijkman explains: “Slowly, we started submitting a higher variety of cases to CopyRobin. We were curious if they also had this knowledge in-house. It appeared that they could select a permanent copywriter for nine out of ten jobs.”

And if that specialist was not yet there, CopyRobin focused on helping Bambuu to find one. For example, Bambuu needed a legal copywriter, which is a difficult profile. And there was also no IT copywriter available at the time. But a hunt was implemented to find the right people for these roles.

“This helping hand was one of the main reasons why we chose CopyRobin as our ultimate copy partner. We started doing everything with CopyRobin from that moment on.”

Reading tip: As a digital agency, get quality content written at scale.

What did the collaboration bring to Bambuu?

Dijkman indicates that Bambuu, as an agency, has become more professional with its own customers in the field of content. “We are now able to create multiple types of content items. Because we have one partner where all the knowledge is available, the level has increased.

“It also saves us time from a financial and economic point of view. By using the copywriters at CopyRobin, we can create just as much content in less time. Previously, we had to find a copywriter ourselves who met all the characteristics, which took a lot of time. We now save that time thanks to the network of specialists that is available to us.”

"With CopyRobin, we can keep growing without limitations.”

Dijkman mentions scalability as a third advantage: “We are an ambitious marketing agency ourselves, so we are growing fast. And with CopyRobin, we can keep growing without limitations.”

Unburdening for the whole team

Dijkman also finds the unburdening valuable. “And not just for Bambuu, but for the whole team. There is always someone from CopyRobin available to—very quickly—answer questions. Our people also never have to wait long for the copy. I think this unburdening, as well as the service level, are great advantages.”

“I would definitely recommend working with CopyRobin,” says Dijkman. “It helps you, as a company, in many areas: in unburdening, in terms of knowledge level, and in making your company scalable. So I would definitely recommend it to other marketing agencies.

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