GetOn: “We recommend CopyRobin to our customers by default”


GetOn is a Dutch learning platform with online courses, including digital coaching via chat and video calls. It is a platform for everyone, but GetOn mainly focuses on online entrepreneurs in SMEs, teaching them digital (marketing) skills through the platform.

The organisation’s goal is to offer more diversity in its courses, continuously improving the digital skills of its customers. The range of courses is, therefore, regularly expanded.

What does GetOn use CopyRobin for?

GetOn uses CopyRobin’s copywriters to write blog posts. Michael Lek, co-founder of the company, said, “I always make an outline of how I would like the blog to be. The copywriter uses this online to write a blog, more or less in the role of a ghostwriter.”

"The copywriter operates more or less in the role of a ghostwriter.”

The perfect value-for-money option

This collaboration between GetOn and CopyRobin has been going on for quite some time. “At first, we just wrote the blog posts ourselves. But as we got busier, it wasn’t high on our priority list. We were looking for continuity, publishing at least two blog posts a month, so we had to find a solution. A party that could support us in this and that also fits within our budget.”

In the past, Michael worked for a marketing agency that also worked with copywriters. “But we couldn’t afford those hourly rates at GetOn yet.” The company first tried a copywriter through Fiverr. This was cheap, but the quality of the delivered text was not sufficient.

"We first tried a copywriter through Fiverr."

They soon found the perfect price-quality ratio in CopyRobin’s model: “In the beginning, it took a while to find the right tone of voice. We now usually work with a permanent copywriter, which ensures good continuity. This writer presents the style exactly as we want it to be, which is very nice.”

GetOn’s CopyRobin Experience

GetOn’s experience with CopyRobin has been very good. The collaboration has brought them a lot: “It saves a lot of time. That’s the main reason we outsource this. To hire a copywriter, you need to be bigger as a company. We are not yet ready to hire a full-time writer. The CopyRobin writer is also a kind of team member; a flexible one, though.”

"The whole process runs very smoothly.”

About the practical side of the collaboration, Michael says: “At CopyRobin, the entire process is standardised, which is very nice and useful. You can easily submit an assignment, which is then picked up quickly and well. The whole process runs very smoothly.”

Submit your own sources

“CopyRobin works with a credit system with varying degrees of difficulty. The option ‘creative’, where you provide the input and the writer uses their own creativity, works well for us. We arrange and offer the sources ourselves, so the writer does not have to look for them. We are quite critical of which sources we like and don’t like. Then it is nice that you can indicate which sources the copywriter can use.”

In addition to the sources, Michael also provides a framework to give direction to the main body of the text: “What we often do is set up a kind of framework. I put the title in the briefing, the possible subheadings—in fact, the entire substantive basis that should be included in the article.”

"This makes the text exactly as if we had written it ourselves."

“I provide a source for each paragraph. This makes the text exactly as if we had written it ourselves. Your own story, but written by someone else.” This method saves the company a lot of time and, at the same time, leads to a professional text.

Interesting model for SMEs

GetOn not only works with CopyRobin itself, but also regularly recommends the copy agency to its business partnerships. “We often refer our customers to CopyRobin. We have even included the company in our course: ‘Do you need a copywriter, or are you looking for someone who can edit texts for you? Then we recommend CopyRobin.’”

“We often refer our customers to CopyRobin."

“We are not a large corporate company, so this way of working fits perfectly within our and our customers’ (often SMEs) businesses. CopyRobin’s good value for money is very interesting for all of them.

Do you, like GetOn, want to make the most of your time and still publish the best blog posts? Have your texts written by CopyRobin! Check here to see which package best suits your company or contact us for more information.

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