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20 december ‘22 3 min. reading time

“CopyRobin provides copywriting as a service, but with a bow.”


Being findable by your target audience in the right place, at the right time. That’s what it is all about for many of our customers, and in particular for Elevate Digital! Elevate Digital develops and optimises digital marketing strategies based on customer insights. That marketing strategy also includes content optimisation – which they outsource to CopyRobin.

Milou Derckx, team lead Data and Insights, SEO says:

“For us it is extremely important that the texts are search engine and user friendly. We provide the strategy based on our keyword research and CopyRobin takes care of the rest.”

Elevate Digital’s experience with CopyRobin 

The experience of Elevate Digital with CopyRobin has been very good. Elevate Digital is especially pleased with the quality-price ratio. The company does have the capability to write content, but doesn’t have enough in-house manpower to provide a, consistent copywriting service.

“CopyRobin is a solution, especially for agencies or smaller companies that do not have sufficient budget to hire a dedicated content marketer."

“We were initially looking to hire a freelancer, but then a colleague heard about CopyRobin at an exhibition. The Agency subscription fits well with our wishes. We ordered that subscription about 1.5 years ago and ever since, it is going very well.”

Copywriting as a service, with a personal touch

Milou thinks that the great thing about CopyRobin is that although the service is largely automated, you do not become a number. There is still personal contact and proactive action is taken if necessary.

“It happened once that we used less credits for a month and the subscription therefore continued tacitly. Then we were proactively approached by the editors to prevent us from incurring unnecessary costs. I think that's really great! An average commercial company would just let it go.”

Milou continues:

“Furthermore, working with CopyRobin is standardised and mass production (for us), because we often come up with a somewhat larger batch of texts. But the provided service and the contact with the editors leads towards a personal touch and that bow.”

Recommending CopyRobin to other agencies

Elevate Digital would definitely recommend CopyRobin to other agencies. Milou explains: “CopyRobin is a solution, especially for agencies or smaller companies that do not have sufficient budget to hire a dedicated content marketer. Due to its flexibility and low rates, CopyRobin is an option for everyone.”

“What also helps is that you can indicate the level per text. Thanks to that option, you never pay too much for the level of text you need. Those expectations always match. If I pay less, you see that the outcome of the texts is less creative. But spelling is always correct. The basic level is just really high.”

Elevate Digital has come full circle through collaborating with CopyRobin

For Milou, working with CopyRobin really makes a big difference. “Now I can make promises that I couldn't make before. Large website migration projects for example. Content is a big part of that and we just couldn't provide for that. Now we have come full circle, so we can offer a full package.

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