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04 juni ‘23 3 min. reading time

Join the AI Revolution with the Most Innovative Copywriting Agency


Ready for a major scoop? You're in for a treat today, as we're introducing the first AI-assisted copywriting service in the Netherlands. That's right! We have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to deliver even higher-quality texts, giving our clients more value for money. Win-win-win! How can you utilise this for your business? Read on.

Embracing AI as an Opportunity

AI writes texts, creates content strategies and can be used as a social post generator. What can't AI do? The developments in AI are incredibly rapid, and it's not limited to just text. You can also ask AI to write software and create lifelike images. We introduce the latter as a new service: AI-generated images to accompany your text.

At CopyRobin, we see AI as not a threat but an opportunity.

At CopyRobin, we perceive AI not as a threat but as an opportunity – a way to streamline our tasks, providing extra efficiency and delivering added value for our clients and copywriters.

Meet Chirp, Our AI Assistant

Now, you can generate your briefing with the help of 'Chirp', our state-of-the-art AI assistant.


You answer a few questions, and Chirp completes your briefing in just a minute with up-to-date information found online. Chirp conducts some 'desk research' to make the briefing more comprehensive. Of course, you can still revise the briefing as desired.

Once you submit the briefing, we immediately generate an AI 'prompt' for the copywriter, who can modify it if necessary and then write the text with Chirp's assistance within the CopyRobin dashboard.


Chirp uses ChatGPT 4, currently the most potent and creative AI writer on the market.


Based on this text and your briefing, your copywriter completes your article. So, a professional writer always refines AI-generated content.

How the First AI Text Agency Works

When submitting a new assignment, you can choose from three options, determining how much AI the copywriter can use when writing your text. The more AI is used, the lower the price.


AI-powered: Based on your briefing, Chirp generates a draft text. If applicable, the text is already optimised for SEO, including an engaging meta-title and meta-description. The copywriter then fact-checks and humanises the text.

AI-assisted: Works similarly to AI-powered but provides the copywriter extra time to get their creative juices flowing, conduct a more profound research, and even conduct short interviews. This results in a text that meets your requirements and has that wow factor to convince your target audience.

100% human: As the name suggests, the writer does not use AI in this option. Our experienced copywriters employ their expertise and craft a completely original text. They delve into various sources, hold more extended interviews, and rely on their knowledge to produce a piece full of creativity and skill – copywriting in its purest form.

Continued Innovation with AI

We launched the following AI applications:

  • AI-generated content strategies and plans;
  • AI-supported briefings;
  • AI-assisted text production;
  • AI support for proofreading.


Planned AI innovations for the rest of the year include:

  • Matching clients and copywriters;
  • Ranking copywriters;
  • ChatGPT-powered chatbots;
  • Performance analysis.


A Solution for Every Business

In summary, integrating AI into our workflows saves you and our writers more time and delivers better results. We challenge the status quo and embrace this exceptional technology's unique opportunities.

Now, you can benefit from our AI-assisted copywriting service. Whether you choose the AI-powered, AI-assisted, or 100% human option, we have a suitable solution for everyone.

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