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By publishing quality content, Pixigo aims to create more awareness of their specific niche products. To save time, they called in CopyRobin’s copywriters. After a year, results show that the customized content ranks well in Google and works even better than AdWords campaigns!

“I desperately needed copy for my website and blog, but I did not have enough time to write it myself. Before I used CopyRobin, I was unsure that I would get great quality for that price. CopyRobin works with subscriptions. Would the copywriter rush through the writing, just to meet the subscription requirements? That had been my previous experience with similar services. It was not the case this time.

CopyRobin fulfills its promise: the content is written by qualified copywriters.

I have been working with CopyRobin for a year now. Their written content proved to be more successful than most AdWords campaigns. AdWords makes it possible to score well in the short term. In the long term, however, this text content gets me a much better position in Google. Especially since we are working in quite a specific niche. We focus on all kinds of products to create pictures on smartphones. Those products require specific keywords. The blog posts and pages we are writing now, rank much better for the keywords we want to be discovered through.

Within one year, the content proved to be more successful than most AdWords campaigns.

CopyRobin takes care of all the content writing. That allows me to focus on my Google ranking, optimising images for SEO, and analysing Google Analytics. What works and where can we improve? If I had to write my own content, I wouldn’t have the time to focus on these analyses.

CopyRobin’s dashboard for submitting assignments is very straightforward. I provide the topic and all the related information I have available. I don’t really need to overthink how I word my briefing. I simply pass along the unstructured information and receive a neat and unique piece of content in return within a couple of days. Sometimes, I need to make small adjustments, usually very product specific, but in general, I am able to publish the content online without edits.

CopyRobin’s dashboard for submitting assignments is very straightforward.

There is an option to submit multiple assignments simultaneously in the dashboard. Now and then, I take some time on a Saturday to plan content for the month ahead. At the moment, I am working on a major project for 4 different product variations. I provide specific information for each individual product. And as for their similarities I can simply refer to the general information which applies to all 4 variations. That saves me a lot of unnecessary typing.

Other entrepreneurs I work with all struggle with the same issue: content is necessary to stand out, but it takes a lot of time to write great copy. I’ve already told them it saves me a lot of stress to outsource my written content to CopyRobin.”


Thomas Brons - Pixigo

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