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"Over the past weeks, we have been working on rebranding our website. In one afternoon, we delivered all of our text content to CopyRobin to have it re-written. That went quite smoothly.

When we decided to outsource our content to CopyRobin, we were a bit skeptical of what quality to expect. That is why we submitted a trial assignment first.

Her texts really leap off the screen.

The copywriter contacted us and we immediately felt a connection. Cycle Media helps municipalities with their social media strategy, which is quite a specific niche. Our copywriter had previously worked in the public sector, is knowledgeable about social media, and writes fluently. Her words really leap off the screen. The trial text we received exceededour expectations. We didn’t think we would find such a perfect match for copywriting.

Our second hesitation was pricing, but that was also better than expected. So after reviving our website, we will continue with blog articles next month.

We are a small agency and none of us is really strong at writing content.

We are a small agency and none of us is really strong at writing content. That means we are more than happy to leave it to a professional copywriter. Besides, writing takes a lot of time. We prefer to spend that time doing what we do best: setting up and advising on social media strategies for our clients. Outsourcing these texts really unburdens us, in the sense that we can be more focused on our clients.

In September, we will publish our first blog on Frankwatching.

Since we just got started, it’s too early to know whether the text content on the website will have the desired result, but we are set to publish our first blog on Frankwatching in September. That is an excellent first milestone! Without the help of an experienced writer, we would probably not have delivered such a solid article.

Submitting assignments is easy in the dashboard. There is no hassle of emailing back and forth. When necessary, we have direct contact with our copywriter, which works very efficiently.

I would highly recommend CopyRobin’s services to other companies. In fact, a few times, I already have.”


Toby van der Veen – Business Developer Cycle Media

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