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Are you self-employed, an SME entrepreneur, or a marketer at a large corporation or agency? We always have a fitting solution for your content needs.

All subscriptions include:

  • Monthly renewal with the option to cancel any time.
  • Credits valid for 12 months.
  • Lead times starting at 2 business days.
  • Unlimited rounds of edits.
  • In-house senior editor proofreads every piece of content.
  • Option to apply internal reference or PO number.
  • Multiple users.
Texts written by professional writers
Short turnaround times
Free trial
Unlimited correction rounds


€ 265,- pm.


€ 440,- pm.


€ 780,- pm.


€ 1.020,- pm.


€ 1.650,- pm.


  • How does it work, this free trial assignment?

    We are confident in our delivery of top-notch text content and excellent service. To see for yourself, you can submit a free trial assignment of up to 400 words at a standard level of difficulty.

    When registering, you do not need to fill out any credit card details or give authorisation for direct debit. So, no risk there. If you are not 100% satisfied with the trial text, you do not need to do anything. Only if you decide to use the content from the trial or if you want to register for a following assignment, we will ask you to fill out your company registration, VAT and IBAN number, as well as an authorisation for direct debit. As soon as you have filled out these details, your subscription is valid.

    Do you want to use the trial text, but you’re not ready to sign up for a subscription? No worries. You are free to use the content for a one-time payment of €45 excluding VAT. If you do decide to take on a subscription at any time in the future, we will subtract that one-time payment from your first monthly invoice.

  • How many credits are included in a subscription?

    We offer 4 different subscription levels

    • Pay as you go: 0 credits included. You purchase these separately.
    • Starter: 10 credits per month included.
    • Business: 20 credits per month included.
    • Corporate: 40 credits per month included.
    • Enterprise: 60 credits per month included.

    Click here for subscription details.

  • I do not want a subscription at the moment. Do you accept separate assignments?

    Want to place a single order without a subscription? You can!

    Go to 'Single assignment' and create a free account, or - if you already have a CopyRobin account - log in to your account.

    Here you can create a single order (or several!). It is also possible to save orders as drafts.

    You can then buy the necessary credits. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per credit:

    • 1 to 9 credits: €34.50
    • 10 to 19 credits: €26.50
    • 20 to 39 credits: €22.00
    • 40 to 59 credits: €19.50
    • 60 to 99 credits: €17.00
    • 100 or more credits: €16.50


    To pay for your credits, we need the following information from you:

    • Chamber of Commerce number;
    • VAT number;
    • IBAN number;
    • Permission for direct debit.


    You will receive an invoice and after 14 days we will debit the amount from your account.

    After ordering your credits, you can immediately place your order(s) and our copywriter will get to work for you!

    Once your text is ready, we will upload it to Google Drive and share it with you. You will then receive a notification from us by email with a link to your text.

    In the shared Google Doc you can request adjustments by adding comments to the document. To let us know you would like adjustments, please send an email to and mention that you drafted some feedback in the text. Please also include the six-letter order code you will receive. Our editors will then share your feedback with the writer.

    We may contact you if we have questions about your order.

    A couple more tips:

    1) Complete our intake questionnaire.
    To be able to help you optimally, we would like to get to know you a little better first. You will find a link to the questionnaire in your first onboarding email.

    2) Read our guide to writing a perfect briefing.
    In this manual you will find all kinds of useful tips about optimally briefing a copywriter.


  • What is the duration of a subscription?

    The minimum duration of a subscription is 1 month. After the first month, you can end your subscription at any time. You can make that change yourself in your CopyRobin dashboard.

  • How much does it cost to have a piece of content written?

    The cost of a text depends on three variables:

    • The length of the text in increments of 400 words.
    • The level of difficulty of the text: standard, creative, or expert.
    • The price you pay per credit. This depends on the type of subscription you choose.

    The price per credit within each subscription is:

    • Pay as you go: € 27,50 (0 credits per month)
    • Starter: € 23,00 (10 credits per month)
    • Business: € 19,25 (20 credits per month)
    • Corporate: € 17,00 (40 credits per month)
    • Enterprise: € 14,98 (60 credits per month)

    For example: a text of maximum 400 words at a standard level of difficulty will cost € 29,96 within an Enterprise subscription.

    You can always purchase additional credits at the credit price within the subscription you have chosen.

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