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Writing press releases is a specialized skill. So, best work with a specialist from CopyRobin.

It is important to remain visible to your target audience. Whenever you have interesting and relevant news to share, having someone write a press release is a great idea. By popping up in various media once in a while, you’ll stay top of mind.

A great press release will draw journalistic attention. But that’s not all: press releases are written according to a standard format. They contain specific pieces of information in a particular order. It’s not something that just anyone knows how to do.

We have extensive experience writing press releases.

Do you want to maximise your chances of being featured in a newspaper or magazine? Let CopyRobin give you a hand. We have extensive experience writing press releases. CopyRobin collaborates with over 175 professional copywriters. That means there is always someone available with a connection to and experience with your sector and target audience. All at an affordable price.

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Before we start writing your press release

When CopyRobin gets down to work for you, you’ll first answer a few questions in a detailed online questionnaire. This is where you’ll share a bit more about your company, allowing us to connect you to the most suitable copywriter. Imagine questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their language level?
  • Which products or services do you offer and what does your audience look for on your website?
  • Which actions do you want your visitors to take?

Of course, we will also ask some questions about you: what is your vision? Which writing style do you prefer? Everything we need to know to find you the perfect match.

Do you want your press release in another language? No problem! We can help you out in almost any language imaginable.

How does it work to have a press release written?

If it’s your first time working with us, you can submit a free trial assignment of maximum 400 words at a ‘Standard’ difficulty level. That’s not enough for a whitepaper, of course, but it will give you a good sense of our process. Then, we’ll get right to work to pair you with a copywriter who is a great match for your business.

Is there a rush on your press release? Contact us and we will do our utmost to help you out.

Are you satisfied with your trial assignment? Then activate your preferred subscription! You won’t get locked into anything: you can end your subscription at any time with a month’s notice. Your subscription level is easy to adjust at any time. Not sure which subscription best suits your needs? Our team of editors is happy to advise you.

  1. Create a new assignment in the CopyRobin dashboard. No need to worry, you will receive clear instructions!
  2. You will receive your press release in your dashboard, often within a few days or a week. Is there a rush on your press release? Let us know and we will help you come up with a solution.

 Subscription?! No worries, you are not bound by anything.


What does it cost to have a press release written?

With CopyRobin, you control the cost of your press release: the shorter your press release and the more input you provide, the lower the cost of the project. And the higher your subscription level, the larger your discount.

We calculate the fee for an assignment based on two variables: length and the degree of AI we may use.

The length is determined in increments of 400 words (about 1 A4 page).
You will choose the degree of AI to be used based on how much work and/or expertise you expect from your copywriter:

AI-powered: Based on your briefing, Chirp generates a draft text. If applicable, the text is already optimised for SEO, including an engaging meta-title and meta-description. The copywriter then fact-checks and humanises the text.

AI-assisted: Works similarly to AI-powered but provides the copywriter extra time to get their creative juices flowing, conduct a more profound research, and even conduct short interviews. This results in a text that meets your requirements and has that wow factor to convince your target audience.

100% human: As the name suggests, the writer does not use AI in this option. Our experienced copywriters employ their expertise and craft a completely original text. They delve into various sources, hold more extended interviews, and rely on their knowledge to produce a piece full of creativity and skill – copywriting in its purest form. 

Please find the rates for our various subscription levels below. They will allow you to calculate how much it would cost to commission a whitepaper:

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Why should you have a press release written?

  • Great press releases are a powerful tool for putting your company in the public eye. It allows people to get to know your business and learn about everything you do.
  • Other media and websites could decide to publish your press release, leading to even more brand awareness or name recognition.
  • Through its distribution all over the internet (including links to your website), you will land a higher position in the Google ranking. That, in turn, can also lead to an increase in site traffic.
  • People will view you as an expert and/or important player: newspapers don’t feature just anyone, do they?

Why should you choose CopyRobin?

CopyRobin optimises the writing process through an automated system. This system was custom-built for us and is entirely unique. It has been a part of our operations since 2016, to the satisfaction of 1080 clients, including Nestlé, vanHaren, Basic-Fit, and KPN.

We always do whatever we can to find the perfect match between copywriter and client.

We always do whatever we can to find the perfect match between copywriter and client. That allows clients to simply submit a clear briefing and still receive a highly readable text in return. This is made possible by our pool of over 551 professional copywriters.

We value speed in combination with quality. That means we operate with short turnaround times, while still routing all copy through our team of detail-oriented proofreaders before delivery. This ensures that you’ll receive high-quality web copy at an affordable rate.

In other words, copywriting as a service. Not entirely convinced? Take a look at how other clients value our services. Or visit our FAQ page for answers to your pending questions.

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