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Work with an experienced content manager.

Looking for the perks of having your own content manager without the worries and costs of a full-time employee? Meet the CopyRobin Managed Account: your personal content manager who handles all your CopyRobin tasks.

What is a Managed Account?

A Managed Account is a new service from CopyRobin where a professional content manager is assigned to manage your account.

The following tasks are included as standard:

Your content manager's standard tasks include:

  • a quarterly editorial meeting;
  • creating briefings for assignments;
  • posting assignments in the dashboard;
  • corresponding with the copywriter and editorial team;
  • checking delivered texts;
  • and regularly reporting on progress.

Additionally, you can choose 4 of the following tasks:

  • conducting a competitor analysis;
  • creating a content strategy;
  • conducting keyword research;
  • thinking up topics;
  • creating a content schedule;
  • finding suitable images;
  • posting in the CMS;
  • monitoring Google rankings.

Setting up your Managed Account is simple and quick. As soon as you sign up, we'll contact you to discuss your needs and goals. We'll pair you with a content manager who fits your business and sector best.

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Why choose a Managed Account?

Our clients told us they're looking for a way to elevate their content marketing without investing the time and resources needed to hire an entire team. With a Managed Account, you get a professional content manager who works according to your instructions and goals.

Consistent point of contact

Your content manager will be your consistent point of contact and will work closely with you to shape and execute your content strategy. We ensure your content manager understands your business, brand, and goals so your content always aligns with your vision.

Moreover, your content manager manages all CopyRobin tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

With a Managed Account, you get a professional content manager who works according to your instructions and goals.

Costs and renewal

The cost for a Managed Account is € 1,110.00 per quarter. This includes 60 credits at € 18.50 each: 30 for producing texts and 30 for your content manager.

You can, of course, expand your Managed Account with more credits. For each credit you need for ordering texts, you need an extra credit for your content manager. From 100 credits, you pay only € 17.50 per credit.

The renewal period is quarterly, giving you plenty of flexibility to adapt your content strategy to your business goals.


Are you excited about having a content manager who handles all your CopyRobin tasks? Great! Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Take back control of your content marketing with a CopyRobin Managed Account. We look forward to working with you!

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  • How many credits are included in a package?

    We offer 6 packages:

    • One-off: no subscription. You buy your credits separately.
    • Starter: 10 credits per month included.
    • Business: 20 credits per month included.
    • Corporate: 40 credits per month included.
    • Enterprise: 60 credits per month included.
    • Agency: 100 credits per month included.

    You can cancel each package every month. Click here for subscription details.

  • How long will my credits remain valid?

    The credits included in your subscription will be valid for as long as you are subscribed, up to 12 months. However, if you need more time to use your credits but don't want them to replenish every month automatically, we offer a 'Snoozer' subscription option for € 12.50 per month. Under this option, unused credits will be carried forward to the next month. If your credits are about to expire, you can request an extension of one month.

  • I do not want a subscription at the moment. Do you accept separate assignments?

    Want to place a single order without a subscription? You can!

    Go to 'Single assignment' and create a free account, or - if you already have a CopyRobin account - log in to your account.

    Here you can create a single order (or several!). It is also possible to save orders as drafts.

    You can then buy the necessary credits. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per credit:

    • 1 to 9 credits: € 36.50
    • 10 to 19 credits: € 28.50
    • 20 to 39 credits: € 23.75
    • 40 to 59 credits: € 21.00
    • 60 to 99 credits: € 18.50
    • 100 or more credits: € 17.50

    To pay for your credits, we need the following information from you:

    • Chamber of Commerce number;
    • VAT number;
    • IBAN number;
    • Permission for direct debit.

    You will receive an invoice and after 14 days we will debit the amount from your account.

    After ordering your credits, you can immediately place your order(s) and our copywriter will get to work for you!

    Once your text is ready, we will upload it to Google Drive and share it with you. You will then receive a notification from us by email with a link to your text.

    In the shared Google Doc you can request adjustments by adding comments to the document. To let us know you would like adjustments, please send an email to and mention that you drafted some feedback in the text. Please also include the six-letter order code you will receive. Our editors will then share your feedback with the writer.

    We may contact you if we have questions about your order.

    A couple more tips:

    1) Complete our intake questionnaire.
    To be able to help you optimally, we would like to get to know you a little better first. You will find a link to the questionnaire in your first onboarding email.

    2) Read our guide to writing a perfect briefing.
    In this manual you will find all kinds of useful tips about optimally briefing a copywriter.

  • What is the duration of a subscription?

    The minimum duration of a subscription is 1 month. After the first month, you can end your subscription at any time. You can make that change yourself in your CopyRobin dashboard.

  • How much does it cost to have a piece of content written?

    The cost of a text depends on three variables:

    • the length of the text in increments of 400 words;
    • the level of difficulty of the text: standard, creative, or expert;
    • the price you pay per credit. This depends on the type of subscription you choose.

    The price per credit within each subscription is:

    • Starter: € 28,50 (10 credits per month)
    • Business: € 23,75 (20 credits per month)
    • Corporate: € 21,00 (40 credits per month)
    • Enterprise: € 18,50 (60 credits per month)
    • Agency: € 17,50 (100 credits per month)
    • One-off: depends on the amount of credits

    For example: a text of maximum 400 words at a standard level of difficulty will cost € 35,00 within an Agency subscription.

    You can always purchase additional credits at the credit price within the subscription you have chosen.

    Download our rate cards:

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