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CopyRobin wins thrilling battle for AI Awards 2023


Amsterdam, 25 January 2024 – CopyRobin has been declared the winner of the AI Award 2023 following an intense contest with TwinAI and LessonUp in the AI Supplier category during the inaugural AI Awards in the Netherlands.

The combination of the highest ratings by sophisticated AI systems, ChatGPT and Google Bard, and the ultimate choice of the public has confirmed CopyRobin's leading position in the AI-powered copywriting sector.

Key Points:

  • CopyRobin is the winner of the AI Supplier Award 2023.
  • AI Jury ChatGPT and Google Bard were involved, with the audience vote as the deciding factor.
  • Competition was fierce with companies TwinAI and LessonUp.
  • Hans Hoornstra bagged the AI Person of the Year title; SkillsTown won the AI Education Award.
  • The event emphasises the significance of the Netherlands as a pioneer in the AI industry.
  • For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Bests of Both Worlds

Eric van Hall, founder and CEO of CopyRobin, responded delightedly to the victory: "Our decision to embrace AI as an extension of human creativity has been remarkably rewarded. It's an affirmation that this 'best of both worlds' approach is the right course. I am proud of our team and thankful for the public recognition."

AI Person of the Year, AI Supplier and AI Education

The AI Awards highlight the growing engagement of the Netherlands in the advancements of artificial intelligence. Hosted by Hans Schuurmans, in collaboration with Brabant Business Media and AIMAZE, the event emphasises the importance of technological progress in education, commerce, and societal applications across three categories: AI Person of the Year, AI Supplier, and AI Education.

In the AI Person of the Year category, Olaf Lemmens, Hans Hoornstra, and Remy Gieling drew significant attention. Ultimately, Hans Hoornstra was chosen by the public for his outstanding work with AI in societal and educational projects. The AI Education category witnessed a similar showdown with Computrain, SkillsTown, and Codename Future as contenders. SkillsTown deservedly took home the AI Education award for its innovative learning platform.


These awards set a precedent for recognising excellence and innovation in the AI sector and demonstrate how the collaboration between humans and machines can shape the future of various industries. CopyRobin continues this trend by seamlessly integrating the expertise of its copywriters with AI, thereby revolutionising the possibilities of digital content creation.

Please get in touch with us for more details about CopyRobin's services and their vision of the synergy between copywriting and AI, along with information about the AI Awards.

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CopyRobin is the first AI-driven copywriting agency in the Netherlands. This online platform providing AI-supported 'copywriting as a service' helps clients with unique, professional texts for their websites, blogs, newsletters, and other publications. CopyRobin also helps freelance writers secure attractive assignments from prominent clients.

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